Are you needing a complete marketing campaign for your business?  Specializing in creating a customized digital strategy that allows your company to experience positive growth and profitability.  Each comprehensive strategy is build around 3 core principles.  Lead Generation, Sales / ROI, and Audience Targeting.   GET STARTED

Areas of Service

Business Development

Many times business reach a plateau in their marketing campaigns.  To break through these barriers, a fresh evaluation and guidance can be needed.  Working with the leadership of the business and listening to the goals and expectations of the business, you will begin to create a path forward to greater profitability.  This process allows the organization to build a confident, workable profitable campaign.


Marketing Strategy

Creating a comprehensive marketing strategy is the cornerstone of all profitable digital campaigns.  Generating awareness and propelling the consumer through the entire funnel requires complete planning and implementation.

This strategy will be build around the best customer persona that are wanting to buy and their specific buying triggers.  In this strategy development, historical and competitive information is gathered to create a baseline of strategy performance.


Predictive Market Modeling and Competitor Analysis

A large portion of the marketing and sales issue are created by not having a firm understanding of the market needs and competition.  Developing a keen awareness to the points of difference of your competitors and the pain points of your potential customers allow for a predictive marketing model to be created and implemented.  Many times a complete projection of both cost and profitability can be established before testing begins.


Lead Generation and Customer Acquisition

The whole marketing plan and business development process combine on the product offering sales page.  Developing a high converting product funnel requires all aspects of strategy, marketing, sales and analysis to work together to continually increase profitability.  Through real time monitoring, consistent testing, and market specific landers, a consistent and expandable campaign will be created.  Key Performance Indicators and ROI markers will be measured in all aspects of the funnel.


Asset Creation

The foundation of all marketing campaigns is the ability to turn out a large volume of content, graphics, and digital assets. Creating high quality content that can be leveraged both for sales and rankings, designing eye-catching graphics that assist in converting the user, and building an entire funnel of digital assets that consistently converts is the foundation to a successful campaign.


Paid Traffic Generation / Management

Having a great product does not guarantee a profitable enterprise. However, generating targeted visitors that are actively pursuing your product can create a profitable business. Creating the “perfect” customer, and targeting these key demographics minimize wasted adspend and allows a positive revenue ad buying endeavor.


Email Creation / Management

One of the most overlooked aspects of creating a successful lead generation and sales campaign is the ability to nurture leads into customers. The ability to create optimized, high converting emails provide a consistent way for a company to generate revenue. This ability allows a company to project income earnings and value from their email list.


Analytics / ROI Analysis

All sales and marketing campaigns require a consistent and accurate structure that provides Key Performance Indicators. Most companies struggle with knowing if their marketing campaigns are truly profitable. From the very beginning all campaigns are setup with real time reporting and dashboards that guide all marketing decisions.

By partnering with e7 Consulting, we together can build a profitable marketing strategy that you can trust to generate a consistent profitable campaign.